Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Calling all Bellingham Airport Memories!

There is so little in the official record about this airport - though we have had a lot of luck at the local, state and federal archives with some things. In cases like this, it is often best to look to the community for help. We've spoken to a number of 'old timers' who were here before and after WWII, and have gleaned a lot of insight from them, but we know there are more of you out there who may have a story to tell, or a picture to share. Can you help us?

We're particularly interested in the WWII era, but there's a lot more to Bellingham airport's history than just the '40's. Did you grow up here and remember going to airshows? Did you, or a family member, ever fly out of the old United Airlines terminal? Was a family member deployed from here with a reserve unit during the Korean War? Do you have a photo taken from an airplane of the airport? Do you know anything about what aircraft were based here during WWII?

The 1970's were another very active time for the airport - were you a pilot here then? Did you have a hangar here? Do you remember the Airport Cafe? What's the true story behind Lone Pine?

We're excited to hear your stories and see your pictures. Please leave a 'comment' here, sharing your story, and let us know how we can get a picture if you have them! There's a great community story here to be told - help us tell it! [KS]

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  1. Interesting article on the history of Interstate 5 construction through Bellingham can be found at http://blogs.bellinghamherald.com/index.php?blog=7&c=1&more=1&p=1702&pb=1&tb=1

    The airports proximity to, and access from, I-5 changed dramatically with it's development. Also check out http://www.cob.org/services/maps/aerial/ for historic aerial photos.