Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Seeking History of United Airlines Terminal

As we continue our research of the Bellingham airfield we keep running into a small black hole, of sorts: the United Airlines Terminal building.

We know that United Airlines played a key role in Bellingham securing it's Port of Entry status in the late-30's, and that a United DC-3 was scheduled to be part of the dedication ceremonies in June of 1940. We know from reports given to us by a pilot from the 39th Pursuit Squadron that there was only one wooden shack on the field when they arrived in 1941. We can see from aerial photographs taken in 1946 that there appears to be a sizable building on the site of the terminal building, but is it the United building? We know that it is an F. Stanley Piper design and was funded and built by United Airlines, but beyond that we know very little.

So, we are seeking any information that anyone has on when this building was built. Please feel free to leave a comment here; leads, information, personal accounts, etc. [KS]

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